Tena Deen(non-registered)
Pleasure meeting you and stumbling upon your page! I hope to make future art with you. xo
shawn malloy(non-registered)
you deserved best of western wa. found you on there. great stuff.
Beautiful work!! Hoping you can capture some great memories at my wedding!!
Katie Darling(non-registered)
Bri did my wedding photos and they turned out amazing! She is super friendly and great to work with.
sadie davis(non-registered)
I've been waiting to win your magnet! Hope this is it...and of course I adore your work!
stephanie bauer(non-registered)
aw close to 35! haha nice work bri :) your talented as HELL!
I always look forward to seeing your pictures, amazing work. Always a fresh look.
Megan Ennor(non-registered)
Bri... Your amazing
Tessie Thompson(non-registered)
Wow! I love your work. You make this world a better place!
Salvage Boards(non-registered)
Nice work Bri......
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